About Me

Im Abby ツ
I fall and get up laughing
Im not a sports person[I like playing football thought]
I love food hahah!
Um I get called wierd Alot o]
[I just dont understand it..]
Um I love food,I think iv said that already!
I go into malls and laugh at all the
Anorexic mannequins there so frikken skinny!!
Music and food are the only thing
Im in love with :]
I love rock music![Hate rap I dispise it] =]
Iv changed alot!
I put myself down to make somone happy,for some unknown reason I dont know why ツ
theres alot more only the words arent forming right...
Name Abigail Moses
Gender Female
Age 15
Ethnicity Black / African
Interested in Men
Status Single
Movies requiem for a dream
TV bka bla bla go outside
Books born blue, invisble, where i live now, wringer, someone like you, paranoid park


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